• 374,99 €

    POWERbreathe K3 is an electronic  device for Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT)  It automatically adapts the training resistance to your inspiratory muscle strength at the beginning of each session. Choose POWERbreathe K3 for inspiratory muscle training (IMT) and testing, plus warm-up and cool-down modes, and graphical results 

    374,99 €
  • 32,98 €

    The Shaker Classic is an easy to use respiratory device for mobilising pulmonary secretions such as mucus and catarrh, to improve breathing in people suffering from respiratory conditions including asthma, cystic fibrosis and chronic bronchitis. 

    32,98 €
  • 429,99 €

    POWERbreathe K4 is an electronic device for Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT)  It automatically adapts the training resistance to your inspiratory muscle strength at the beginning of each session. Choose POWERbreathe K4 for IMT and testing, warm-up and cool-down modes, graphical results and Breathe-Link Live Feedback Software For a max of 10 user/client...

    429,99 €
  • 72,60 €

    The ActiBreathe Total Body Conditioning Programme is the ultimate ActiBreathe training experience and the only health-inspired fitness programme to combine total body conditioning exercises with POWERbreathe training. Includes 3 targeted ActiBreathe Workouts on DVD (approx 90-mins), POWERbreathe Plus, ActiBreathe Core Stability Ball, ActiBreathe Ball Pump...

    72,60 €
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