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    Full Lactate Scout 4 case for lactate analysis. This pack provides you with all necessary accessories in a simple case. Size: 27x22x8 cm

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    Lactate Scout 4 Start is composed of:          Lactate Scout 4 analyser with Bluetooth          Bluetooth Bluegiga (Bluetooth Smart) adaptor for PC          Sprayer          Carrying pouch          USB with Software Lactate Scout 4 Assistant (just compatible with Windows)          Manual          2 batteries CR2450 Same test strips as Lactate Scout +

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  • 375,60 € In Stock

    It gets results in 10 seconds It is compatible with Bluetooth v 4.1 connection and smartphone. It has an E-paper screen in order to improve visibility during the movement or low luminosity conditions. Composed of: Lactate Scout 4 analyser with Bluetooth Manual USB with digital manual 2 batteries CR2450 It just needs 0,2 microliters to obtain de result.

    375,60 €
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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items