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  • 380,00 € In Stock

    Individual hypoxia tent for hypoxia at rest. Thanks to its small dimensions you can sleep in hypoxia without disturbing your partner, easy to use and assemble. It can be removed and put up every night without dismantling. The dimensions of the individual hypoxia tent are: 80 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm.

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  • 285,00 € 300,00 € -5% In Stock

    Very easy to use and shock resistant. Measures Oxygen concentrarion (showing also decimals) by just pressing a button. 

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  • 250,00 € In Stock

    Consisting of tubbing and 2 breathing bags and valves this mask based set is specially designed to be used together with a Hypoxico Summit generator to undertake any hypoxic training modality. Mask not included

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  • 210,00 € In Stock

    Compatible with the Hypoxico Summit II generator, can simulate up to 6300m.  Especially suitable for carrying out IHT and acclimatization sessions at high altitudes

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  • 175,00 € In Stock

    Oxygen analyserwith an unbeatable quality-price ratio and very easy to use. The pack consists of: Oxygen analyser with built-in LCD display Oxygen sensor R-17 Connection cable Plug T-connector Steering hood for sensor (diffuser) The sensor has a life of 36 months and can be replaced once it is used up

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  • 139,67 € In Stock

    Smart wrist pulse oximeter indicated for measuring arterial saturation, pulse rate and sleep monitor. It incorporates a wireless connection to the smartphone through the ViHealth app available for Android and IOS. 2 models available: - Basic Oxysleep without PC Software - Oxysleep PRO with Software for data processing with the PC

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  • 135,00 € In Stock

    Disposable component is integrated in many hypoxia systems. Very sturdy and long lasting

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  • 110,00 € In Stock

    Sensor compatible with the Oxycheq Oxygen Analyser or the Biolaster Oxygen Analyser. The analyser and sensor allow calibration based on a selected oxygen concentration. This sensor has a shelf life of 36 months and once exhausted can be replaced with another sensor.

    110,00 €
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  • 95,00 € In Stock

    High Efficiency Air Filter to ensure a clean and fresh air keeping the respiratory system free of germs and polluting substances

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  • 90,00 € In Stock

    To be used in conjunction with a set of exercise, this mask includes a neoprene harness to ensure a great fastening and comfort while breathing at any hypoxic condition.

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  • 81,82 € In Stock

    A waterproof, heat-sealed fabric bag that provides a reservoir of hypoxic air. The Bioaltitude® Douglas air bags have a capacity of up to 60 litres and have two 22M connections to be connected on one side to the generator (f.e BioAlttiude® A100) and on the other side to the mask or tent.

    81,82 €
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  • 70,00 € In Stock

    Connecting tube for Hypoxia Summit II Hypoxia Generator from Hypoxico, 5.7 metres long and with quick connection.

    70,00 €
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  • 59,50 € 85,00 € -30% In Stock

    59,50 € 85,00 € -30%
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  • 50,00 € In Stock

    Mask and Neoprene Harness kit to be used along with any Hypoxic training set

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  • 50,00 € In Stock

    This accessory set including tube, breathing bag and valve connections is adaptable to GO2altitude generators

    50,00 €
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  • 49,59 € In Stock

    Hepa filters for purified air. BioAltitude® Hepa filters are bi-directional and aim to clean the air of particles such as viruses and bacteria between the generator and the tent or hypoxia mask. Hepa filters are available in 2 strengths: 100 cm60 cmThe dimensions of the filter are: 111,5 cm x 78,8 cm.

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  • 37,00 € In Stock

    Neoprene Harness for use with Training Mask

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  • 25,00 € In Stock

    Dual port mask to be used in conjunction with an exercise set. Includes a silicone headgear.

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  • 24,79 € In Stock

    The M130 Finger Pulse Oximeter is a portable meter of oxygen saturation and arterial pulse through the finger. This pulse oximeter allows to quickly and accurately know both data, in a non-invasive and economic way. Provides instantaneous measurement of the degree of oxygen saturation and heart rate. It makes it possible to set an audible alarm at...

    24,79 €
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  • 23,14 € In Stock

    Finger pulse oximeter for real-time measurement of blood oxygen. In addition to Blood Oxygen Saturation, it also performs a Pulse Rate measurement. OLED screen with battery level indicator and automatic shutdown once the signal is lost. In addition to the measurements, the pulse wave is displayed on the screen.

    23,14 €
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Showing 1 - 21 of 26 items