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    Disposable component is integrated in many hypoxia systems. Very sturdy and long lasting

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    Sensor compatible with the Oxycheq Oxygen Analyser or the Biolaster Oxygen Analyser. The analyser and sensor allow calibration based on a selected oxygen concentration. This sensor has a shelf life of 24 months and once exhausted can be replaced with another sensor.

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    This accessory set including tube, breathing bag and valve connections is adaptable to GO2altitude generators

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    Hepa filters for purified air. BioAltitude® Hepa filters are bi-directional and aim to clean the air of particles such as viruses and bacteria between the generator and the tent or hypoxia mask. Hepa filters are available in 2 strengths: 100 cm60 cmThe dimensions of the filter are: 111,5 cm x 78,8 cm.

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