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    Personal device intended to simulate altitude and carry out intermittent hypoxia training (IHT).Very simple, lightweight and compact, it is ideal to be carried everywhere. This kit includes the following material: AltiPower® Hypoxicator 2 AltiPower® Cartridges 25 Breathing bags Electronic timer Pulsioximeter 50 B CMS User Manual and CD 

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    The Exercise Set from Go2Altitude is a set of accesories which, adapted to a hypoxia generator, permits exercise training in hypoxia. This mask based system consisting of a 120l breathing bag, mask with harness, support, tubes and valves generator allows exercising at any intensity under hypoxic conditions

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    Pack of 4 disposable cartridges to be used with the Altipower. Each cartridge lasts approximately for 10 sessions of intermittent hypoxia. 

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    Disposable cartridge to be used along with the Altipower.  Each cartridge lasts approximately for 10 sessions of intermittent hypoxia.

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    This accessory set including tube, breathing bag and valve connections is adaptable to GO2altitude generators

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    Pack of 25 disposable air bags to be used with the Altipower

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items