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    This system consisting of one Hypoxico Summit Generator + Hypoxic tent is the appropriate system to sleep in simulated altitude

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    Very versatile. Its high flow (up to 120 l/min) makes it suitable for all types of hypoxic training (Sleep, IHT, exercise). Portable and easy to use, can simulate an altitude of aprox 3.900m, and up to 6.300m when a  High Altitude Adaptor (optional) is used

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    Consisting of tubbing and 2 breathing bags and valves this mask based set is specially designed to be used together with a Hypoxico Summit generator to undertake any hypoxic training modality. Mask not included

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    Compatible with the Hypoxico Summit II generator, can simulate up to 6300m.  Especially suitable for carrying out IHT and acclimatization sessions at high altitudes

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    To be used in conjunction with a set of exercise, this mask includes a neoprene harness to ensure a great fastening and comfort while breathing at any hypoxic condition.

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    High Efficiency Air Filter to ensure a clean and fresh air keeping the respiratory system free of germs and polluting substances

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    Mask and Neoprene Harness kit to be used along with any Hypoxic training set

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