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    This system consisting of one Hypoxico Summit Generator + Hypoxic tent is the appropriate system to sleep in simulated altitude

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    Very versatile. Its high flow (up to 120 l/min) makes it suitable for all types of hypoxic training (Sleep, IHT, exercise). Portable and easy to use, can simulate an altitude of aprox 3.900m, and up to 6.300m when a  High Altitude Adaptor (optional) is used

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    Resting tent for use in hypoxia with both the BioAltitude A100 generator and the Summit II generator. The dimensions of the tent are: 212 cm length x 200 cm width x 160 cm height. So it is possible to fit a 180 cm wide bed inside the hypoxia tent. Manufacturer: Hypoxico

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    The dimensions of the portable tent are: 200 cm long x 150 cm wide x 150 cm high

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    Individual hypoxia tent for hypoxia at rest. Thanks to its small dimensions you can sleep in hypoxia without disturbing your partner, easy to use and assemble. It can be removed and put up every night without dismantling. The dimensions of the individual hypoxia tent are: 80 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm.

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    Consisting of tubbing and 2 breathing bags and valves this mask based set is specially designed to be used together with a Hypoxico Summit generator to undertake any hypoxic training modality. Mask not included

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    Compatible with the Hypoxico Summit II generator, can simulate up to 6300m.  Especially suitable for carrying out IHT and acclimatization sessions at high altitudes

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    To be used in conjunction with a set of exercise, this mask includes a neoprene harness to ensure a great fastening and comfort while breathing at any hypoxic condition.

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    High Efficiency Air Filter to ensure a clean and fresh air keeping the respiratory system free of germs and polluting substances

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    Mask and Neoprene Harness kit to be used along with any Hypoxic training set

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