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    This training chamber consists of: A Biolaster Hypoxia Training Tent2 BioAltitude A100 Hypoxia GeneratorsIt is the alternative to wearing masks which can be a degree of discomfort. It is the perfect solution for exercising in hypoxia with complete freedom. The tent allows the simultaneous use of up to 2 cyclists on a roller.

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    This system consisting of one Hypoxico Summit Generator + Hypoxic tent is the appropriate system to sleep in simulated altitude

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    Very versatile. Its high flow (up to 120 l/min) makes it suitable for all types of hypoxic training (Sleep, IHT, exercise). Portable and easy to use, can simulate an altitude of aprox 3.900m, and up to 6.300m when a  High Altitude Adaptor (optional) is used

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    Each of the BioAltitude® Simulated Altitude Training Kits is composed by all the necessary items for Altitude Training / Simulated Hipoxia in its 3 different forms: Resting Exercising Intermittent Hypoxic Exposure (IHE) There are 3 types of BioAltitude Kits: Basic Plus PRO

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    BioAltitude® High Altitude Training Kit which includes all the necessary items to carry out Hypoxia in 3 modalities: Rest Exercise Intermittent Extreme Altitude (IHE) The Basic Kit with Capsule is composed of: BioAltitude® A100 Generator Individual Hypoxia Capsule BCOxygen Oxysleep Basic Wrist Pulse Oximeter Exercise Mask

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    Simulated altitude sleep hypoxia system, consisting of a BioAltitude A100 generator and a Biolaster hypoxia tent. You can enter a bed or mattress. Dimensions 210x150x155.

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    Generatorfor simulated altitude training that reaches up to 6,300 meters of altitude. This device provides both hypoxic and hyperoxic air The BioAltitude® A100 includes: - BioAltitude A100 Generator - Expansion bag 50 liters - 2 tubes of 3 m long - Hepa 100 filter - Nasal goggles - User manual- Power cord.

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    Pack consisting of the BioAltitude® A100 Hypoxia Generator and the Individual Hypoxia Capsule for the use of hypoxia at rest.

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    The BioAltitude® A50 hypoxia generator is a small, simulated altitude generator that allows exposure to hypoxia and hyperoxia. The A50 is a generator suitable for the performance of:intermittent resting hypoxiaNocturnal or continuous hypoxiaThe A50 generator includes: 2 x 3 m tubes Hepa 60 filter 60L expansion bag Nasal goggle Hyperoxia mask

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    Standard cubicle suitable for both exercise hypoxia and hypoxia at rest. The hypoxia training cubicle measures: 213 cm width x 213 cm length x 182 cm height.

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    Consisting of a high capacity breathing bag, tubes and valves that can be used with any generator, this mask based kit is a simple and effective solution for hypoxic  training. Its large bag allows training at any intensity.

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    Resting tent for use in hypoxia with both the BioAltitude A100 generator and the Summit II generator. The dimensions of the tent are: 212 cm length x 200 cm width x 160 cm height. So it is possible to fit a 180 cm wide bed inside the hypoxia tent. Manufacturer: Hypoxico

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    The Exercise Set from Go2Altitude is a set of accesories which, adapted to a hypoxia generator, permits exercise training in hypoxia. This mask based system consisting of a 120l breathing bag, mask with harness, support, tubes and valves generator allows exercising at any intensity under hypoxic conditions

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    The dimensions of the portable tent are: 200 cm long x 150 cm wide x 150 cm high

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    Lightweight tent specially designed to sleep under hypoxic conditions. Easy to install and with dimensions (210 cm x 150 cm x 155 cm) that allow the introduction of any type of bed or mattress inside Dimensions: 210 cm x 150 cm x 155 cm

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    Individual hypoxia tent for hypoxia at rest. Thanks to its small dimensions you can sleep in hypoxia without disturbing your partner, easy to use and assemble. It can be removed and put up every night without dismantling. The dimensions of the individual hypoxia tent are: 80 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm.

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    Tent used for demonstrations The tent is in perfect condition and with all accessories. Lightweight tent specially designed to sleep under hypoxic conditions. Easy to install and with dimensions (210 cm x 150 cm x 155 cm) that allow the introduction of any type of bed or mattress inside Dimensions: 210 cm x 150 cm x 155 cm

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    With the Individual Hypoxia Capsule you can sleep at altitude without moving your bed. This capsule concentrates all the hypoxic air in the cubicle around the head and neck. The Snowcap capsule is a comfortable way of acclimatisation at simulated altitude. It is easy to move and adjust to the desired height. Measurements: 80 cm width x 50 cm length x 50...

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    Specially designed for exercising in hypoxia.  Lightweight  and easy to carry, This pop up tent can be used with any type of generator and its dimensions (175cm x 175cm x 208 cm) allow its use by up to 2 persons simultaneously. Lightweight and easy to carry. There is a limit of altitude achievable inside the chamber, can be reach 2.000-2.500m max

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    Consisting of tubbing and 2 breathing bags and valves this mask based set is specially designed to be used together with a Hypoxico Summit generator to undertake any hypoxic training modality. Mask not included

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    High performance oxygen analyzer which can be calibrated based on a selected oxygen concentration. It includes a highly protective compact case.

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