Hypoxia Chamber (BioAltitude A100)


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Simulated altitude sleep hypoxia system, consisting of a BioAltitude A100 generator and a Biolaster hypoxia tent. 

You can enter a bed or mattress. 

Dimensions 210x150x155.

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MAG 20 Hypoxia Chamber

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    Generatorfor simulated altitude training that reaches up to 6,300 meters of altitude. This device provides both hypoxic and hyperoxic air The BioAltitude® A100 includes: - BioAltitude A100 Generator - Expansion bag 50 liters - 2 tubes of 3 m long - Hepa 100 filter - Nasal goggles - User manual- Power cord.

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    Resting tent for use in hypoxia with both the BioAltitude A100 generator and the Summit II generator. The dimensions of the tent are: 208 cm length x 158 cm width x 160 cm height. So it is possible to fit a 180 cm wide bed inside the hypoxia tent. Manufacturer: Hypoxico

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