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    This training chamber consists of: A Biolaster Hypoxia Training Tent2 BioAltitude A100 Hypoxia GeneratorsIt is the alternative to wearing masks which can be a degree of discomfort. It is the perfect solution for exercising in hypoxia with complete freedom. The tent allows the simultaneous use of up to 2 cyclists on a roller.

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    This system consisting of one Hypoxico Summit Generator + Hypoxic tent is the appropriate system to sleep in simulated altitude

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    Each of the BioAltitude® Simulated Altitude Training Kits is composed by all the necessary items for Altitude Training / Simulated Hipoxia in its 3 different forms: Resting Exercising Intermittent Hypoxic Exposure (IHE) There are 3 types of BioAltitude Kits: Basic Plus PRO

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    BioAltitude® High Altitude Training Kit which includes all the necessary items to carry out Hypoxia in 3 modalities: Rest Exercise Intermittent Extreme Altitude (IHE) The Basic Kit with Capsule is composed of: BioAltitude® A100 Generator Individual Hypoxia Capsule BCOxygen Oxysleep Basic Wrist Pulse Oximeter Exercise Mask

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    Simulated altitude sleep hypoxia system, consisting of a BioAltitude A100 generator and a Biolaster hypoxia tent. You can enter a bed or mattress. Dimensions 210x150x155.

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    Pack consisting of the BioAltitude® A100 Hypoxia Generator and the Individual Hypoxia Capsule for the use of hypoxia at rest.

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