Hypoxia Generator BioAltitude® A50


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The BioAltitude® A50 hypoxia generator is a small, simulated altitude generator that allows exposure to hypoxia and hyperoxia.

The A50 is a generator suitable for the performance of:

  • intermittent resting hypoxia

  • Nocturnal or continuous hypoxia

The A50 generator includes:

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For hypoxia sessions you will need a mask or an individual capsule.

It is ESSENTIAL to read the Manual carefully and always use it under the supervision of a Health Professional (in the field of Health) or Physical Activity (in the field of Sports Performance), who are knowledgeable about the effects of hypoxia, the fields and modes of application and its interrelation with Health, possible Pathologies, Physical-Sports Activities,...

  • Exposure to hypoxia --> air depleted in oxygen, which mimics the natural air found at altitude.
  • Exposure to hyperoxia --> air rich in oxygen, which will allow us to favour oxygen-dependent aerobic processes, accelerating their metabolism and enhancing recovery processes.