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    Consisting of a hypoxic training tent and 2 Mag 20 hypoxic generators, it is the right alternative to traditional mask based systems that may pose a degree of discomfort. It is the perfect solution for a completely free hypoxic exercise 

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    This system consisting of one Hypoxico Summit Generator + Hypoxic tent is the appropriate system to sleep in simulated altitude

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    Very versatile. Its high flow (up to 120 l/min) makes it suitable for all types of hypoxic training (Sleep, IHT, exercise). Portable and easy to use, can simulate an altitude of aprox 3.900m, and up to 6.300m when a  High Altitude Adaptor (optional) is used

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    Each of the BioAltitude Simulated Altitude Training Kits is composed by all the necessary items for Altitude Training / Simulated Hipoxia in its 3 different forms: Resting Exercising Intermittent Hypoxic Exposure (IHE) There are 3 types of BioAltitude Kits: Basic Plus PRO

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    Hypoxic system consisting of a Higher Peak MAG-20 generator and a Hypoxia Tent.

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    Adjustable from sea level to aprox 6000m. Includes generator, expansion/buffer bag and two 3m length tubes.  E asy to carry and with a reduced noise level, incorporates an hypoxic exposure timer

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    Personal device intended to simulate altitude and carry out intermittent hypoxia training (IHT).Very simple, lightweight and compact, it is ideal to be carried everywhere. This kit includes the following material: AltiPower® Hypoxicator 2 AltiPower® Cartridges 25 Breathing bags Electronic timer Pulsioximeter 50 B CMS User Manual and CD 

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items