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    Bottles of 25 test strips for use with Lactate Scout +, Lactate Scout 4 and Sport Keep in a cold place, between -18º and 8º 1 cans of 25 strips, 25 test strips 4 cans of 25 strips, 100 test strips 8 cans of 25 strips, 200 test strips

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    Sterile device for blood sample collection (single use) The case of the needle closed guarantees the needle to be hidden before and after using it to avoid accidental puncture.According to the desirable flow it is recommended the use of different lancets30G: glucose analysis 28G: ketone analysis 23G: lactate analysis 21G: hemoglobine analysis

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    The POWERbreathe Flowball is a respiratory exercising device. Using the Flowball for exercise or play encourages you to take focused and steady breaths, which improves the development of the muscles that control breathing.

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    BC Cross Patch consists of a gridded mesh of crossed inelastic unidirectional tapes. The Cross Taping technique bases its action on rebalancing the electromagnetic currents by means of reflexes in order to act on the whole body It is applied on points of pain, myofascial trigger points, acupoints.

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    RÖWO Sport-Gel is a highly-effective, tried and leisure time and tested product which is used for muscle and joint complaints. It features an extremely high cooling performance and is thereforean important preparations which can also be used by patients for cold therapy and to care for stressed structures. *suitable for ultrasound *recomended by sport...

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    POWERbreathe K3 is an electronic  device for Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT)  It automatically adapts the training resistance to your inspiratory muscle strength at the beginning of each session. Choose POWERbreathe K3 for inspiratory muscle training (IMT) and testing, plus warm-up and cool-down modes, and graphical results 

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    POWERbreathe K4 is an electronic device for Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT)  It automatically adapts the training resistance to your inspiratory muscle strength at the beginning of each session. Choose POWERbreathe K4 for IMT and testing, warm-up and cool-down modes, graphical results and Breathe-Link Live Feedback Software For a max of 10 user/client...

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    The Shaker Classic is an easy to use respiratory device for mobilising pulmonary secretions such as mucus and catarrh, to improve breathing in people suffering from respiratory conditions including asthma, cystic fibrosis and chronic bronchitis. 

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    Shaker Medic Plus is an easy-to-use respiratory device for mobilising pulmonary secretions. It may be cleaned in an autoclave and therefore may be sterilised, making it suitable for multiple-use and suitable for clinical settings.  It causes a vibration in the upper airway which facilitates the removal of phlegm. Specially suitable for those suffering...

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    The COMPEX® FIT 1.0 muscle stimulator will help you sculpt your body, tone your abs and relieve pain. This is the ideal muscle stimulator for fitness and health fans who practice their activity 1 to 2 times per week. It contains 10 programs for Fitness, Pain management and Recovery/Massage.

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    The GenuTrain S knee brace provides reliable support for the knee thanks to the combination of joint side bars and an adjstable strap system.

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    Pack made by the Shaker Classic and the POWERbreathe Medic Plus. The Shaker Classic is an excellent device that facilitates the expectoration of mucosity accumulated in the respiratory tract. POWERbreathe Medic Plus reduces the symptoms, and improves breathing and quality of life in respiratory affections like COPD, asthma and cardiopathies.

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    The  Shaker + POWERbreathe Medic Pack combines the bigger and more efficient expectoration provided by the use of the Shaker with the enhancing of the breathing mechanics that POWERbreathe Medic brings.

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    GenuTrain, the active knee support, produces its effect during movement.  The shaped viscoelastic ring compresses and massages  the soft tissues. The resulting enhanced circulation in the joint, capsule and ptomotion of lymphdrainage lead to reduced swelling, pain relief and improved function while at the same time, taking the strain off the kneecap.

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