Temtex Kinesiology Tape 7,5x5. Beige. 4 Uds


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TEMTEX Kinesiology Tape

4 rolls of 7.5cm wide by 5 meters long in Beige color.

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50,00 €

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TEMTEX Kinesiology Tape is the Kinesiotaping bandage that gives the best results as long as it meets the essential characteristics for an optimal result.

The balance between the adhesion, elasticity and porosity qualities make TEMTEX Kinesiology Tape the leader in the market.

Made of premium cotton, the adhesive used is cyanoacrylate, for medical use, does not irritate the skin.

Its porous structure and its design allow immersion in water while preserving its qualities.

It is elastic in the longitudinal direction, but inelastic in the transverse direction.

It has elasticity between 150% and 160% as required by the best specialists.

The main qualities are:

- neuromuscular action
- joint action
- circulatory
- lymphatic
- propioceptive
- fascial