POWERbreathe Plus

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POWERbreathe for Inspiratory Muscle Training. It presents three models with d

ifferent levels of resistance.

  • Health: Low resistance. Suitable for sedentary people, respiratory disorders. Green
  • Sport: Medium resistance. Suitable for young people, adults and sportsmen and women. Blue
  • Competition: High resistance. Intended for high competition. Red

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64,99 €

  • Health
  • Sport
  • Competition

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This is the second series developed by Powerbreathe.

It incorporates an adjustable spring that exerts resistance to inspiration, thus strengthening the inspiratory muscles. As the muscles are strengthened, the spring is adjusted to increase the resistance.


Contains no drugs, no side effects or harmful interactions.

Scientifically proven, pressure threshold training technique.

Calibrated and adjustable inspiratory load

Inspiratory load gauge indicator

Fully washable design.

Material features

Antibacterial, latex, PVC-free mouthpiece

How to use

Put on the nose clip and breathe through the Powerbreathe through your mouth (make a slightly greater effort than usual when breathing).

Take 30 breaths twice a day against the adjustable resistance, less than five minutes is needed.

As inspiratory strength increases, simply adjust and increase the resistance as you would with any other form of exercise.

In a few days your inspiratory muscles will feel stronger; in three weeks you will feel less fatigue; and in four weeks activities will feel easier.


The Powerbreathe will be exposed to saliva during use. We recommend that several times a week you remove the valve head and soak it in warm water for ten minutes. And once a week soak it in a sterilising solution, using a Powerbreathe cleaning tablet each time.

Technical specifications

-Powerbreathe Plus Model

-Nose clip

-Fabric carrying bag

-4 sterilising tablets

-User manual


-Powerbreathe contains no medication.

-Should not cause painful effects when used correctly.

-History of spontaneous pneumothorax.

-Traumatic pneumothorax or rib fracture, Powerbreathe should not be used until complete recovery.

-Powerbreathe is not recommended for use in asthmatics with low symptom awareness and who suffer from frequent and severe exacerbations.

-ruptured eardrum


Powerbreathe is intended for inspiratory muscle training only. It is not intended for any other use. Children under the age of sixteen should use powerbreathe under adult supervision. It contains small parts and is therefore not suitable for children under 7 years of age.

While training with the Powerbreathe you should feel resistance against inhalation, but this should not be painful. If you feel pain while using Powerbreathe stop immediately and consult your doctor.

Some users experience slight ear discomfort when using Powerbreathe, especially those recovering from a cold. This is caused by inadequate equalisation of pressure between the mouth and ears. If symptoms persist consult your doctor.

To prevent the potential transmission of infections we recommend that you do not share your Powerbreathe with others, including members of the same family.

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