Blue Cooling Vest

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The Arctic Heat Body Cooling Vest is a revolutionary product designed to counter the harmful effects of heat stress in any application.

Suitable for sportsmen, firemen, foundry workers, chemical companies etc...

The vest is made from materials specifically designed for body cooling, with a gel which has the ability to hold temperature for long periods of time.

It can be cooled or used warm. 

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161,16 €

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  • Sizes and mesures
Torso (cm)90-9495-99100-104105-109110-114115-119120-124125-132

  • Initial Soak

Products come in crystal form. Initially soak in water for 15 minutes until crystal in pockets swells into gel form (pockets should be firm but not bursting).

When removing from water, grab top and bottom of products and gently twist in opposite directions to remove excess water and hang until material is completely dry.

Product is now activated.

  • Cooling

Once activated and dried completely, the product can be placed in the refrigerator or freezer. We recommend storing without any packaging.

The product can also be placed inside a resealable bag/satchel and placed on ice or into an ice water slurry.

If the product is frozen solid when taken out of freezer, it is okay to snap the frozen gel pockets with your fingers to make them more flexible.

  • Storing

Once activated the product can be stored either in the freezer or can be hung in a ventilated area.

If wishing to store the product for long periods, hang the product in a ventilated area and allow it to completely dehydrate (returning it to crystal). To re-activate, simply repeat initial soak.

If the crystal/gel pockets start to dehydrate and become flat, soak for 5-10 minutes until the gel pockets swell again.

  • Washing

To wash, simply hand wash in warm water with mild soap for 2 minutes and hang to dry. Or use a short delicate wash cycle in your washing machine.

  • Note

The product can also be used warm. It must be in activated state and placed in the microwave at 30 second intervals until the desired temperature is achieved. Heating times may vary according to wattage of microwave. It is IMPORTANT to check that product is not too hot before applying to avoid burns.