Hallufix, Hallux Valgus

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Flexible Splint for Bunion Pain Relief.

It helps align the metatarsophalangeal joint of  big toe reducing pain in cases of hallux valgus (bunion).

It consists of a hinged piece, attached by velcro.

Indicated for mild and moderate cases of hallux valgus.

Designed to be used both day and night, it can be used with footwear.

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24,00 €


30,00 €

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One size.
Decreased risk of development of arthritis.
Pain relief.
It maintains the flexibility of the foot.
Comfort footwear.


Initially, wear the Hallufix splint just for only an hour at a time.
After the initial period, Hallufix Bunion Aid should be worn at night and up to 2-3 hours during the day.