KMINA Crutches

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The revolutionary KMINA crutch avoids the pain caused by traditional crutches.

The KMINA crutches are sold in units including the following:

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The structure of the KMINA crutch is black. The padding is available in Black, Blue & Green.

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72,72 €

  • 1 ud
  • 2 uds

More info

The KMINA Crutches improve the autonomy of its users as well as avoiding the pain.

Please find below the main features of the KMINA Crutches:

  • They are suitable for people with a height between 150-190 cm. The height and length of the forearm are adjustable.
  • They are approved to hold a maximum weight of 100 Kgs.
  • The KMINA Crutches have a 30º tilt in the forearm, thus releasing more than 50% of the weight off the hands and wrists.
  • Hand tilt: allows and maintains hand ergonomics.
  • The crutch height is adjustable according to the needs of each user. It has 17 regulations, one every 1.5 cm and it can be regulated from 96 cm to 121 cm.
  • The length of the forearm is also adjustable, between 20 and 34 cm; there are 10 regulations available every 1.5 cm.
  • The KMINA Crutches are made of black anodized aluminum, which makes them light and resistant.