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    Pack containing 3 Endura Sport Tape rolls.  Sized   38 mm x 13,7 m. Endura Sport Tape, flesh colored, gives firmness to the bandage in the McConell method. It's not directly applied on the skin because it's made with latex and this can cause skin allergies. 

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    The Kit is made by 2 tapes required to complete the bendage of the McConnell method: 1 Endura Fix 50 mm x 10m. White, hipoallergenic and good adherence; it's the first layer to receive theEndura Sport Tape. 1 Endura Sport Tape 38 mm x 13.7m. It gives firmness to the bandage; high adherence, it's made with latex (for it it's not used directly on the skin)....

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    Endura Fix is the original brand to be used to apply the McConnell technique. It forms the first layer of the McConnell bandage. It's a white, hipoallergenic and good adhesiveness tape. Endura Sport Tape comes on the top of this, it prevents alergy that may come if using directly on the skin as it contains latex. size: 50 mm x 10 m.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items